How to Apply

Admission and registration for the International Bachelor in Psychology (IBP) programme at Leiden University consists of the following five steps. Please read the procedure carefully and make sure to fulfil all steps in time.

  1. Register via Create an account and select your programme
  2. Upload your documents in our online application system.
  3. Leiden University assesses your previous education
  4. Participate in the compulsory matching module
  5. Prepare your arrival

1. Register via Create an account and select your programme

As of October 1, you can register for a programme via Studielink. In Studielink you state which programme you want to do. Future students must first of all make an account in Studielink. If you live in the Netherlands then you can log in directly with your DigiD. If you do not have a DigiD yet, then you can apply for one. If you do not live in the Netherlands yet, then you must first request a user name and password from Studielink. With these you can make an account.

For Studielink use the British flag in the right-hand top corner to change the language settings in ‘Studielink’ for English, if you happen to be in the Dutch version of Studielink. Once you have filled in your personal details in Studielink, you get to choose the programme and year. First indicate B Psychology, and make sure you choose academic year 2017-2018. Once you have chosen that, on the next screen, choose “English language version of the Psychology programme (International Bachelor in Psychology)”. That is the only way you can sign up for the IBP programme in Studielink.

2. Upload your documents in our online application system

If your previous education is a Dutch VWO diploma, you can skip this step.
All other applicants have to fill in your personal information and upload (scans of) the documents that are mentioned below in our university application system Application Online:

1: a transcript of your most recent grades. This document should be an official document from your school and should show the name of your school, the kind of diploma you will be getting, the stream/profile (e.g. science, languages, etc), and the predicted grades (for IB and A-levels).
2: your secondary school diploma, or higher education diploma if you already have one.
3: valid proof of language proficiency: for the kind we accept, or if you are exempted from handing in proof see the entry requirements.
4: passport.
5. curriculum vitae. There is no specific format for this, just show us what you have done so far.
6. letter of motivation. Again, no specific format, but do let us know why you want to study psychology, why the international version of the programme, and why in Leiden.

3. Leiden University assesses your previous education

The Admission Office assesses whether you are admissible for the programme on the basis of your educational background.

4. Participate in the compulsory matching module

Read more on compulsory matching

5. Prepare your arrival

Leiden Studysysteem

Leiden Study System

If you decide to study at Leiden University, you will be given good supervision both when making your choice and during your study. Our Leiden Study System helps you to explore possible study options and then to look in greater detail at the programme you have chosen. And if you come here to study, you will have every chance of completing your programme successfully and on time.

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