Selection Procedure

For each academic year LUC The Hague will select a maximum number of 200 qualified students to study at the college. After a student has applied, the selection procedure consists of the following steps:

Selection Procedure Steps

1.Submit the application Create an account for the online application system and upload all required documents. Send us the required hard copies and check if you are required to pay a €50 application fee. Students with a Dutch VWO diploma are exempted from the fee. All other applicants must submit the proof of payment to complete their application. Please follow the guidelines in the admissions manual.

2. Admissibility check Complete applications are evaluated by the Admissions Office to determine the admissibility. If a student does not meet the minimum requirements, (s)he will be informed. Complete applications that do meet the minimum requirements are sent to a member of the Admissions Committee to be evaluated.

3. Evaluation of application: Members of the Admissions Committee review all applications, paying special attention to the letter of motivation. Based on the whole admission package, they will propose applicants for an admission interview. If a candidate is not selected for an interview, (s)he will be informed by the Admissions Office.

4. Admission interview: All applicants will be given the option to be interviewed through Skype or have a face to face interview at the college. Interviews are conducted by members of the Admissions Committee.

5. Final decision: Based on the recommendations of the different members of the Admissions Committee (this includes the comments from the interview), the Dean of LUC The Hague makes a final decision regarding admission. Applicants will be informed about this decision via email.