Residential Concept and LUC community

Being a student at LUC The Hague also means being part of a community. That is why during the first two years, it is compulsory to live at the Anna Van Buerenplein.

The students’ residential area is located from the 4th to the 21st floor. Each floor will have its designated common room. In addition, there will be a student lounge on the first floor which will have:

LUC students can either have a self-contained studio of approximately 26m2 with private facilities, or a shared studio apartment (36-41 m2) with shared facilities.

More detailed information on studio apartment costs, and facilities

Intercultural experience

In the third (final) year of the study, students can either move to other housing facilities from Leiden University or choose an accommodation to their own liking.
Currently, about 600 students are studying at LUC The Hague. The international profile creates an intercultural experience that helps to contribute towards the formation of global citizens. Approximately 45 different nationalities are represented amongst students and staff.

Community building

LUC The Hague, in cooperation with Fortuna (LUC’s student association) and its 13 subcommittees, provides a pleasant home for all students with ample social activities for every liking. Apart from the physical community, LUC is also very proud at its virtual community. Our Facebook Page is our social focal point; news, events, pictures and videos are uploaded on a regular basis. All students at LUC are interconnected by Facebook and the college will ensure that its alumni remain to do so. LUC’s exchange students share their stories and experiences through the Study Abroad & Exchange Blog, another pinnacle of social interaction, until their homecoming at LUC The Hague.