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Leiden University College (LUC) is the international honours college of Leiden University, one of the top research universities in Europe. Join our international community of bright and motivated students and staff. We offer you a challenging Liberal Arts and Sciences programme themed on the Global Challenges the world faces today!

LUC The Hague offers you

Why choose a Liberal Arts and Sciences education?

As an Liberal Arts and Sciences graduate you will not only have gained substantial knowledge in a range of fields, you will also have developed an inquisitive mind, be able to analyse problems thoroughly and critically, think creatively and report on your findings and ideas efficiently and effectively in a variety of circumstances and for various audiences. Interdisciplinarity is a key characteristic of Liberal Arts and Sciences programmes, allowing you to form connections between various fields of study. This ability to build bridges between the disciplines will help you to approach problems from different angles.

The programme at LUC the Hague has been designed with the above as guiding principles: you will learn to analyse critically the various elements that contribute to the biggest challenges in this world, from the Arts and from Science. You will study both natural and human systems, learning to understand the connections between the disciplines, building up your knowledge as well as your academic skills. The foundations for life-long learning are laid as you will learn to find and evaluate information, explore new, creative solutions grounded in theory. As you progress through the programme, living and studying with peers from all over the world, the awareness of your own background and culture increases. This will prepare you not only for specialisation in a Master programme but also for an international career.

Is Leiden University College the right choice for you?

Leiden University College admits highly talented and motivated students from all over the world, with a maximum of 200 students per year! Apply now for our Liberal Arts and Sciences Programme!