A brief introduction

Peace, Justice and Sustainability

LUC The Hague offers BA and BSC degrees in Liberal Arts & Sciences that focus on issues of Peace, Justice and Sustainability. In keeping with the Liberal Arts ethos, students have a high degree of freedom to construct their own programmes. However, since all LUC The Hague students are passionate about addressing the global challenges of today’s world, each will organise their diverse, interdisciplinary studies around central themes such as world politics & governance, global justice, human & cultural interaction, and environmental sciences. The goal of our programme, the excellence of which has been recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education in the form of a prestigious Sirius Grant, is encapsulated in the motto of LUC The Hague, ‘Building Knowledge for a Better World,’ and our graduates aspire to make a real difference in the world around them.

The LUC The Hague community

The LUC The Hague community is varied and diverse, with both students and faculty drawn from all over the world. Students have the opportunity to experience cosmopolitan living within the college, whilst studying foreign languages and questions of intercultural relations in their academic programme. The integration of real life experience with academic training is one of the core reasons for our residential model and a basic element of our educational philosophy. We extend this idea to provide students with opportunities for internships at the various international organizations that are based in The Hague and also exchanges with international partner universities.

The Hague: a cosmopolitan city

The Hague is a dynamic and exciting cosmopolitan city – the administrative capital of the Netherlands and the judicial capital of the UN. LUC The Hague is located in a prestige location in the very heart of the city, at the Anna van Buerenplein, near the national parliament and the International Court of Justice, and surrounded by the bustling social life of a major city. Yet The Hague is a welcoming and unintimidating city, and students from all over the world find it a fun, safe and easily manageable place to live and study.