Global Challenges

Global Challenges @ LUC The Hague

LUC’s signature courses provide an overview of major global challenges during each block of the first year. The four courses are thematically focused on Peace & Justice, Sustainability, Prosperity, and Diversity, and provide a window into each Major.

Peace & Justice

This Global Challenge course will be taught in Block I. The Peace & Justice course examines the complexity of the interconnectedness of peace and jus­tice in a globalised world. The causes of conflict are examined in depth, as well as the changing nature of contemporary conflicts and international responses. This course examines how such conflicts have changed in terms of their goals, actors, methods of warfare, and financing.


This Global Challenge Course will be taught in Block II and focuses on a myriad of human-exacerbated environmental change topics, such as ecosystem functioning and energy usage, deforestation and land use change, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, contaminants, and food production.


This Global Challenges course is taught in Block III. The course introduces students to the ways in which institutions shape human welfare, and to how the ‘right’ institutions can be designed, created, and reinforced. As such, it provides students with the social scientific tools to think about and address the global challenges of good governance, international development, and public health


This Global Challenges course is taught in Block IV. The course introduces students to a range of conventional markers of diversity: gender and sexuality, race, class, ethnicity and nationalism, and religion. These themes are used as lenses to examine the ways in which we define what is “normal” and what is “different” in personal, cultural, historical, and socio-political terms.