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We are glad that you are considering to spend a semester abroad at Leiden University College (LUC) The Hague as a visiting or exchange student. I*nformation on this webpage is intended for students currently registered at another University and would like to study at LUC for one or two semesters.*

Introducing Leiden University College The Hague

LUC The Hague provides a unique combination of world-class scholarly depth, drawn from the oldest university in the Netherlands, with a cutting- edge and globally conscious curriculum that capitalizes on its location in the vibrant, international atmosphere of The Hague. It represents a very special opportunity for talented, open-minded, and ambitious students from all over the world to engage in socially and globally responsible education at the very highest level available to undergraduates. The programme makes the most of the finest teaching and resources available and concentrates them in small classrooms of no more than 22 students. The goal of our programme is encapsulated in the motto of LUC The Hague, Building Knowledge for a Better World.

As a visiting student you have many course options to choose from, ranging from the our Global Challenges courses, which are aimed at educating our students to understand the complexity of global issues and problems from an interdisciplinary approach, to (language) courses from the Global Citizenship programme and any course from our 6 majors. Both Leiden University and LUC contribute their own dedicated and international faculty to teach our students. There are a whole range of courses available for your study abroad experience!

Exchange Partners

LUC has more than 25 direct exchange partners next to the 50+ exchange partners of Leiden University. If your home university is an exchange partner of Leiden University or Leiden University College, you can apply as an Exchange student. See whether your home university is an exchange partner of Leiden University (College). Before you apply, your home university must nominate you as an exchange student for your semester abroad at LUC.
If your home university does not have an exchange agreement with Leiden University (College), you can still apply to study at LUC for a semester or a full year as a so-called independent Study Abroad student. Read more information about the difference between an Exchange student and a Study Abroad student. You are strongly advised to contact LUC’s Exchange Officer before you apply as an independent Study Abroad Student.

Academics and Course Offerings

Exchange and visiting students can choose any course offered across LUC’s six majors , minors , Global Challenges , and the Global Citizenship Programme. Please do take into account that LUC has a maximum of 22 students per course, and students spending their semester at LUC are only allowed to take courses offered by LUC and not from the other Faculties of Leiden University. Before the start of the semester, all students submit a list of their preferred courses through the online course pre-registration system. Read more information about the course offerings, course registration and allocation.

Application and Admissions / Finances / Housing

Applications and Admissions are administered via the Central Admissions Office of the University. For more information about the application procedure, accommodation and finances please read the following webpages carefully. Students are encouraged to apply in March in case they would like to study in the following Fall semester. Students who wish to study at LUC during the Spring semester, need to apply no later than 1 October in the preceding year.

Prospective Exchange Students from Partner Universities are advised to contact their home university’s own International/Exchange Office first before they apply to LUC. Prospective independent Study Abroad Students are strongly advised to contact LUC’s Exchange Officer before you apply.

Course Offerings, registration and Allocation

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Leiden University and LUC’s Official Exchange Partners

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Exchange Office Contact information

For more information or questions regarding a semester abroad at LUC, our application procedure, or other practical issues, please contact the Exchange Officer, Mr. Hungwah Lam .