Bachelor’s programme

At LUC The Hague, you learn to face the complexity, diversity and dynamism of a globalised society through the development of rigorous academic skills and compassionate citizenship. You gain a broad array of core knowledge, as well as acquiring in-depth specialisation with distinctive, interdisciplinary themes.

Intensive and student-centred

Besides the programme’s distinctive focus on Global Challenges, the educational concept of LUC also offers:

Educational Programme

The study programme at LUC The Hague takes three years of two semesters each. Each of the six semesters consists of two blocks. LUC The Hague courses are typically 5 credits (EC) and are usually completed in one block of eight weeks. The estimated workload is 52 hours per week, including 12-14 contact hours.

The first year

An essential component of the first year is ‘Global Challenges’. The four mandatory courses expand your perspectives and introduce you to several fields of study. You will discover through interdisciplinary cooperation how you can contribute to solving global challenges.The first year also includes the general education courses such as History of Philosophy and History of Science.

Academic Skills

The skills courses are designed to provide you with foundational academic skills that will be further developed throughout the curriculum.

Academic Writing

You will learn to apply the English language at an academic level, both in constructing arguments and in articulating them in writing. Reading carefully, thinking precisely, arguing logically and writing clearly are all aims of this course.

Introduction to Statistics

Being able to constructively contribute to solutions for challenges facing the world today requires the skill to understand and critically evaluate results that draw heavily on statistics. This course aims to give you the foundations for doing just that.


The first-year mathematics course is differentiated according to the requirements of the two types of bachelor degrees that LUC offers. The course aims to teach you to think and reason mathematically and is offered at different levels.

The second and third years

From the second year onwards, students create a tailor-made curriculum with guidance from their tutor. Throughout their second and third years, students will be able to select from an array of courses that fall within their major, minor, or other elective options.

Programme LUC
Testimonial Bene Colenbrander

“At LUC you have a lot of personal contact with your lecturers. You are on first-name terms and you can always drop by to talk to a lecturer if you have any questions. They’re very approachable. The lecturers are not only excellent but they are passionate about their subject, which makes them inspiring teachers. I also like the fact that they come both from academia and from practice, from professions such as journalism, politics or laws.”