After LUC

Throughout their studies at LUC The Hague, students receive guidance from tutors in decidingon their career after graduation. A BA or BSc degree from LUC The Hague offers opportunities for further studies and/or a career at a government institution, international organisation, a research institution, university, corporation or NGO.

After LUC The Hague

Opportunities abound for LUC graduates in the Netherlands, within the European Union, and in all continents of the world! After three years of intensive honours education in the liberal arts and sciences themed on global challenges, LUC
students are primely positioned to enter:

Many LUC students envision careers as journalists, policy advisers diplomats, researchers, managers or consultants. Having found their education at LUC invaluable preparation, many students are keen to follow up their LUC studies
with specialisations in education, law, psychology, business administration, and government, finding their education at LUC invaluable preparation.

Postgraduate programmes

LUC graduates receive an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science honours degree, and are well-qualified to apply for demanding and competitive post-graduate studies at master’s and PhD level in major research universities worldwide. With the profile of LUC students in mind, we expect them to apply to study at universities such as The London School of Economics, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Central European University in Budapest, Columbia University in New York, Harvard University, the National University of Singapore, and the University for Peace in Costa Rica, to name but a few. Depending on the major completed, LUC graduates are also eligible for automatic access to a variety of master’s programmes at Leiden University. Please visit the LUC website for a dynamic and up-to-date list of these opportunities.

Internships and industry

LUC students are not only equipped with academic and practical knowledge of peace, justice, and sustainability; by the time they graduate they have acquired awide set of transferable skills, including:

LUC students benefit from specialised and small-scale teaching that matches the best pedagogical practices in competitive and stimulating taught and research master’s programmes. Our graduates are socially responsible and civicallyresponsive graduates who are well placed to pursue selective and attractive internships and careers in local, national, regional, and international civil, corporate, and public organisations.

Testimonial LUC Lieke Bos

And after graduation?
“After graduating from LUC The Hague one still has many options to continue your studies by doing a master’s programme. As I majored in Global Justice, I obviously applied for (Public) International Law, but my exploration did not stop there. I also applied for master programmes in International Relations, a field of study that combines aspects I studied at LUC in various interdisciplinary courses. Right now I have the opportunity to choose from among prestigious universities throughout Europe.”