Your first year

The first year mostly consists of introductory courses. These will provide you with a strong knowledge base and general skills any archaeologist needs.

You will not only take formal lectures and tutorials; in spring it is time to get your hands dirty and participate in faculty research: the annual field school for first year students.

Summary of the first-year subjects Credits
Academic skills 5
Theory and history of Archaeology 5
Earth sciences 3
Archaeological methods and techniques 5
Ecology 3
World archaeology 1: From early farmers to complex societies in the Near East and Europe 5
World archaeology 2: Archaeology of the Americas 5
World archaeology 3: Complex societies of the Mediterranean and Europe 5
World archaeology 4: Human origins 3
Cultural anthropology 3
Material studies 1 5
Material Studies 1: Practical 3
Fieldwork 10


The academic year comprises four blocks, with an exam week after each block. Tests are taken in the form of written tests, presentations, assignments or papers. For each subject you pass you will be awarded a number of credits. One credit stands for 28 hours of study. One year of fulltime study equals 60 credits.

Mentor system

In the Archaeology programme, you are never left to your own devices. Every first-year student is assigned a mentor, and students regularly get together in small mentor groups. Your study progress is carefully monitored to maximise your study experience so you can graduate in time. Your mentor will be there for you throughout the whole bachelor programme.

Modes of instruction

Instruction consists of lectures, seminars and tutorials. In the lecture the lecturer talks about his or her field. You prepare by studying articles and books at home. In the seminars and in particular in the tutorials, you examine the material in more depth and discuss it with your fellow students and the lecturer. You also carry out assignments, give presentations and write papers. You must make an active contribution to tutorials and attendance is compulsory.

Come to the Experience Day to experience it yourself!

Rory Granleese your first year

What is your favorite course?
My favourite subject is Earth Sciences. It gives you the bigger picture. Archaeology, everything we’ve left behind, is directly related to geology.