Leiden University does not have a student campus with student dorms. Housing through the university is available however and there are several options for finding accommodation if you become a student of Leiden University.
Furthermore, rooms in Leiden are scarce, but The Hague may be a good alternative to Leiden. Trains are running about every 15 minutes and it takes ca. 20 minutes to get from The Hague to Leiden by train.

So here are your options:

Student Housing Office

The first option and perhaps the easiest way to find a room is through the student housing office of the university. You can indicate during the application process that you want this and can also indicate preferences for one of the locations offered. You have to pay a non-refundable housing fee of 350€ and rooms are assigned according to the order in which the housing fee was received. To be eligible for this option, you need a non-Dutch passport and your application should be submitted before the 1st of April. The housing fee should be paid before 1st June at the latest. Prices for rooms range from 350-650€ a month and there are several other costs keep in mind. If you require a visa, it is recommended to have housing arranged for you through the university, as you need to give up a Dutch address in order to get it. Please note that as rooms are limited, you will receive only 1 offer and will not receive a 2nd offer if you decline the first.

10 Rooms are reserved for first year students of the Bachelor Archaeology in the Hugo de Grootstraat. Students from other faculties are also lodged in this building and the rooms of the Archaeology students may be scattered, but you would be able to meet your fellow archaeology students in the communal room. You share a kitchen with max 9 students and showers and toilets with 10-15 students. Interested? Indicate “Hugo de Grootstraat” as your first preference in the housing section during your application.
Please check out the information on what to know in advance, the housing application procedure and what to do before arrival

Find housing yourself

Another option is to find housing yourself. If you do this, please be aware that rooms are scarce in Leiden and that it may be hard to find one. Also, please beware or rental scams do not pay anything before you have seen the room. There are non profit housing organisations and commercial housing organisations you can turn to. Reasonable prices for rooms are between 350-600€. The Hague is often cheaper, but then you would have the additional costs of public transfer.

Deadlines for application

Housing through the student housing office:
1st April(pay housing fee before 1st June)
Finding housing yourself:
15th June (but if you need a visa 1st April)
Curious to learn experiences from other students? Read this blogpost on finding housing (©The

Rory Granleese accomodation

Where do you live?
A lot of my friends live in Leiden, while I live in Den Haag. Leiden is a beautiful city. It acts like one big network, where everyone knows each other.