Career prospects

The combination of practical knowledge and academic skills makes you valuable to many employers. You will be ready to take on various positions in commercial companies, the government, research institutes, heritage agencies, laboratories, or museums.
Graduated archaeologists may find work as municipal or provincial archaeologists, or work as archaeologists at commercial companies. Apart from taking part in excavations, such a function includes dissemination of information to the public, and policy preparation and implementation.

Many archaeologists work as employees of commercial archaeology agencies, performing surveys and excavations, or as consultants. It is also possible to work in museums, analysing collections or setting up exhibitions. If you have focused on aspects of heritage management, a position at a national or international heritage authority is a good option. If you prefer to continue your academic career, consider entering our Master programme.

Also, some graduates prefer to seek out jobs in less Archaeology-related fields, such as teaching, technical translating, managing art collections, copywriting, or public relations.