Archaeology: shine new light on the big issues of today

As an archaeologist you collect a lot of valuable information that can shine new light on the big issues facing society today. In the bachelor’s programme in Archaeology at Leiden University, you study early examples of globalisation and mass migration. You explore growing social inequality through time and its effect on different groups in society. You deliberate over when humans first began significantly to affect nature and the long-term consequences of this – even for the population of today’s world. You study how different societies and cultures view their cultural and natural heritage, and how important this heritage can be to their identity.

Do you wish to combine a fascination with the past with current issues? Then this is the programme for you.

Archaeology at Leiden University

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“I don’t think that there are many people who enjoy their study as a hobby, but I do. I think it’s an incredibly interesting programme. Even more so than I anticipated.”

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